Updates - RedShift 5

RedShift 5 and RedShift 5.1 are NOT Windows Vista compatible!

RedShift 5 (FOCUS edition) update ver.
This update
  • makes improvement in the Sky view and user interface, like:
    • simulation of relief surfaces of planets and moons;
    • new images of stars;
    • more smooth change of the sky color and dimming (appearance of) stars and planets when the Sun rises (sets);
    • zooming in/out by mouse wheel;
    • flip of the Sky chart when printing (if such a mode is set in Sky window), etc.
  • fixes some minor bugs in the program, like
    • incorrect proper motion and magnitude for some stars;
    • few fixes for Print option, numerical integration of hyperbolic orbits, in Find, Sky Diary and Add/Edit Object tools;;
    • memory issue, etc.
  • increases accuracy of pointing in View panel;
  • adds several new stars for calculation of Events in Sky Diary tool;
  • proposes a number of pre-defined workspaces illustrating different events on the sky (open a workspace and run time or scroll coordinates);
  • adds landing sites of the recent Martian robots: Beagle 2 (expected place), Spirit and Opportunity.

When you have downloaded the file, save it in a temporary folder and run.

Prior to installation of RedShift 5 update,, please:
  1. Make sure the original version of RedShift 5 is installed. In the case you have already updated RedShift 5 earlier, please re-install the original version from your CD RedShift 5;
  2. Activate your copy of RedShift 5;
  3. Run AIM Engine Setup update (if your copy of RedShift 5 is in English or German).

Download RedShift 5 updateDownload the update for RedShift 5 (FOCUS edition)
Status: 26/05/2004 (15,4 Mb / Version

Update of AIM Engine Setup
This update fixes a bug in AIM Engine Setup included to RedShift 5. If the installation of the original AIM Engine has not completed properly, download this update, unpack it to a temporary folder and run AIMSetup.exe.

Download the update for AIM Engine SetupDownload the update for AIM Engine Setup
(4,5 MB / Version